About Us

Après (Ah-Pray) Ski is French for ‘after ski’ and it marks the shift that happens from the end of a day on the mountain to one too many drinks with friends, old and new. During this time, people take off their ski coats, bask in the sun (or snow) and break out their fashionable under layers. Après traditionally starts when the lifts stop turning, but we believe that Après starts anytime, anyplace, no matter where you live.

Après Everyday was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to fashionable, everyday, mountain wear without the high price tag that comes with a fine cashmere sweater. Whether you want to wear our gear under your ski coat and strut your stuff during Après, or pair our sweatshirt with jeans and furry boots - Après Everyday is here to provide you with affordable fits so you can be the most fashionable ski bunny on or off the hill.

Cheers to your first Après adventure!